• So do you think future alec is bad and is trying to right his wrongs before its too late?

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    • Hard to say, we need more info..

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    • I do think we need more info but, my current theory is that he is this - he's trying to right his wrongs. 

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    • Yes, definitely!  There are several hints that the tech implanted into Kiera is not healthy.  There was Travis' reactions to the tech, especially when it was reactivated.  There was Elena's fear of it, and the words, "energizing" and "draining" to describe it.  She said she could not raise 4 children if she used it.  There was Kiera's nightmare, because of the pain it caused when it was downloaded.  Most of all, it was Greg's horrified look when that happened.  He knew something was done to Kiera.  Did he know what Alec had planned?  Also, it is assumed that he sent Kiera AND Liber8, already knowing what they plan to do.  How much can he manipulate in the future?

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    • It appears that the implants are different with some for the military, some for the CPS and yet some were used on indebted individuals for a life sentence of servitude.  It would also appear that some of the Liber8 members were playing with light impulses to control the mind.  One episode opens with a "memory" of Kiera in a glass cell (shades of Matrix?).  It appears as of this date that this is all based on Alex's program which he gave to his girlfriend to destroy (but may end up in the hands of Escher).

      It is assumed that Alex masterminded the time jump of the Liber8 prisoners and Kiera, but I am beginning to believe the time jump technology was not his and that he only used his knowledge of the incident to talk to several individuals and also block his brother, Julian, from returning (stay of his execution in one of the flashforwards where julian states that is not what was agreed to).

      Is is assumed that by the death of Kellog's grandmother in the present that the timeline will not change, however, I believe that Kellogg befriended the woman in his grandmother's old house in the event that she would be targetted.  I am unclear on what Kellogg was to bring to the Liber8 team.  His sister was the member of Liber8 when she was killed and he was arrested.  He was listed as a social engineer.  He seems to want to promote Alex's inventions, is not interested in what messages Alex may have recieved from the future. It may be that he replaced Julian (manilpulated by older Alex) to come to 2012 and  may have been given directions to protect Kiera.

      The big questions lurking surround Jason (did he really come back in time from the same event?), what was his relationship to Alex's mom and dad (Marc Sadler), his knowledge if "freelancers" (which doesn't seem be be known by anyone else who came back in time from the execution). I suspect that he is a freelancer himself which brought the technology to Sadler without any consideration for the consequences. This may be the pebble that started the Tsunami.  It may be possible that the mental problems Jason is experiencing is because he has time jumped several times (which is may be why freelancers have the tattoos between their fingers).

      Esher as the head of Pyron Corp is a mystery, but I suspect that it is Pyron Corp that developed the time travel technology and may have orchestrated the "escape" at the execution.  Most expected to travel back only about 20 years (except those who had been contacted by the older Alex Sadler).  Their first action was to try to return to that timeline which failed.  It appears that much of the technology in the slice of the sphere is based on technology Alex had worked on.  It will be interesting what other information is included in the sphere now that has been re-united in Alex's lab. The time travel sphere appearing in 2012 certainly would change the field for Pyron Corp and may be what Escher is looking for through Alex's girlfriend.

      I have questions about the other freelancers who are collecting the bodies of time travelers and tried to abduct Kiera.  They don't seem to be working with Escher.  It is also a mystery why they have the tattoos between their fingers or if they can travel back to the future at will.

      So far there is no reference to Alex's girlfriend in the future.  It appears that older Alex is alone. If he becomes aware of his girlfriend's involvement with Escher in the present, it is unclear what older Alex's relationship is with Escher in the future or when Escher traveled back in time (before or after the execution).

      I have questions concerning Kiera's husband who seemed to have fore knowledge that the event was going to happen when he saw Kiera in the chamber.  There is also other evidence that he had cheated on Kiera prior to their marriage and that he was aware of some of the Corporation manipulations of the food supply to drive up prices.  He also was well informed about the restructuring of the power grid to deal with terrorist hits (or possibly Freelancer's travelling back causing black outs). It may be possible that he is Escher's son moving up the corporate ladder.

      Of course, there is a question on why the older Alex selected Kiera in the first place without telling her anything prior to sending her back.  He obviously had access to all her life for the past few years from her CMR and knew she was married and had a son.  He would have also known that her sister died because of using the mind drug.

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    • wrote:
      Yes, definitely!  There are several hints that the tech implanted into Kiera is not healthy.

      I don't know about that... but her implants a certainly unhealthy for her Personal Life's Privacy!

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    • I believe that the older Sadler is no more evil than the average overachieving CEO. He has had power so long that maybe he has forgotten a lot of his own younger morales. He seems to have a god complex and really regrets how the world looks now. We aren't even sure how much of the world is moved by his tech. He might be just West, or parts of the East but we all know that everyone owes to companies. They are look the old mining companies and if you read up on those you can see some of the bad and the good of that situation. We know that older Sadler is at the top of the food Chain in the region as the courts kind of suggested. It is strange that Elena's life was so short as you would have thought that people lived a little longer in the future. I love the cyberpunk feeling of this series but sometimes it seems off a little Alec and Jason lived a long time, they both appear to be healthy old men. I would think that Jason should be in more of ill health.

      Alec the elder seems like he still enjoys the power he has. Yet, we still don't know how much of his soul he had to seel to get to the point of being him. No matter how I look at it I feel like the Emily arc is more akin to the Terminator series. It is the point in where he turns from ackward innocent teen to the guy he is going to be.

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    • The entire population of 2077 seems to be sociopaths without consciences.

      Alec-2077 writes a file to "Alec 2012" where he tells him that he took a "dangerous path" and that Alec-2012 should change the future. Alec-2077 interviews Jasmine Garza and assigns her the job of capturing Alec-2012 and deciding whether she should kill him or not. Alec-2012 essentially kidnaps Kiera and throws her to 2012 along with the Liber8 gang. Alec-2077 invented the brain chip for the factory slaves with the Sadtech Logo on them, who work in his factory making more slave chips. Alec-2077 obliterates the Gleaners hippy commune with an air raid.

      Alec-2077 is as evil as Hitler. He has infinite power fusion energy and people are rioting for food rations.

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    • In the first episode of season 1 at the end in the "future" Alec 2077 first met Kiera and said something like "It's about time" (or so...).

      I think he already knew he from "the past" ?

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