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Sonya Valentine
Biographical Information
Status: Alive (Main Timeline)
Deceased (Alternative Timeline)
Cause of Death: Blown Up (Suicide/Alternative Timeline)
Residence: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Alias: The Queen of Hearts
Occupation: Rebel (Formerly)
Doctor (Formerly)
Organization: Liber8
Position/Rank: Leader (Formerly)
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Brown
Significant Others: Travis Verta
Character Information
Portrayed by: Lexa Doig
Season/s: 123
First appearance: "A Stitch in Time"
Latest appearance: "The Dying Minutes"
Appearance Count: 31

Sonya Valentine was a member of the Liber8 organization.


Early Life[]

In her years before 2077, Sonya was a medical specialist who worked for the Union Military in research. During one of her research projects, which was to develop a form of a super soldier, she met Travis Verta, who at the time was a soldier in the military research project. They began to fall for each other, and Sonya's breaking point was when she was instructed to inject Travis with a serum that would terminate him. Not willing to lose him, Sonya instead kills her superior and she leaves with Travis.

Years later, she and Travis joined Liber8. Sonya became known as the "Queen of Hearts".[1] Sonya developed a deep respect for Kagame, who in turn took note of and appreciated her loyalty, which earned her a place as third-in-command behind Kagame and Travis.

Season 1[]

Sonya was among the eight members of Liber8 to escape their execution in 2077 through the time travel device Kagame gave them. Intending to traveling only a few years into the past, they ended up in the year 2012.

Season 2[]

After the events of "Theseus Day," Sonya carried out the orders of Kagame by securing Kagame's future by providing for his family at the time of his birth. She also attempted to kill Travis to ensure her spot as their group's leader, on orders of Kagame to become his successor. Unbeknownst to her, a chip in Travis revived him.

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An opportunist by heart, Sonya began as a doctor and research scientist for the corporate military, her interest in science fueled by her desire to evolve the human race so they could withstand future disasters and diseases. The controversy surrounding this led to moral obligations that Sonya disagreed with.

As the super soldier program she was working on grew more and more sinister, Sonya separated herself from reality in order to numb herself from the atrocities to human genetics she was creating. However, when she met Travis Verta, the line between subject and human crossed and she ceased seeing him as merely a test subject, drawn to his intensity and power. When her superiors decided to terminate the program, Sonya decided to switch sides as she felt the need to protect Travis and the others.


‘Queen of Hearts’, partner of Travis, former doctor in the military, special operations division. She’s got an IQ that’s off the charts, more likely to use guile or subterfuge than physical violence to achieve the gang’s ends, but keep your eyes on her if she crosses your path.

Kiera Cameron, "Wasting Time"

Physical Appearance[]

Sonya has a tattoo on her right shoulder of a hand holding a thistle, framed with the Latin quote "Malo Mori Quam Foedari", which translates to "Death Rather Than Disgrace". This is obviously Lexa Doig's personal tattoo to show her Scottish clan roots.


Travis Verta[]

The two villainous duo have feelings for each other, having first met in a super-solider program, she'd develop feelings for him during her time there, to the degree where she'd betray her own worker to save him, the two in the present time would have a rocky relationship, mostly due to her allegiance to Kagame and differences in opinion, making them split up for a brief amount of time and even combat each other, however the two would set aside their differences and become a couple again.

After the loss of his lover, Travis had seemed to be in a very saddened and devastated state, emphasizing his strong feelings for her.

Edouard Kagame[]


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