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Sonmanto Corporation is an entity which exists in the 2012-2014 time period, but also appears in future scenes in 2066 and 2077. Sonmanto is an anagram of the name of a real-life agricultural/chemical company.

In 2014, a Sonmanto lawyer is hiding things in bank safe deposit vaults and has knowledge of future tech which he offers to the lame man who had been brain hack controlled as a bank robber.[1]

Carlos Fonnegra tells Kiera Cameron that Sonmanto is a chemical conglomerate which produces agricultural products including herbicides and fertilizers. Kiera tells Carlos that in 2077, Sonmanto grows food and develops medicine and vaccines. However, the factory's chemical waste can be easily converted into the poison gas Solution 16, which is known in the future year 2066 when Kiera is afflicted. After nearly dying, she receives the Sonmanto antidote that gives her immunity when next faced with the gas in 2014.[2] It turns out that Sonmanto already knew the waste could be weaponized and had in 2014 already developed an antidote. Sonmanto was negotiating with Chechnyan terrorists to sell them the poison gas. Liber8 developed their own antidote from Travis Verta's vaccinated blood.

VPD Betty Robertson uncovers connections between a Solution 16 gas attack on Fermitas executives, then uncovers the delivery device maker, then uncovers the Neelon - Grey Point Security connection to Sonmanto.

Carlos Fonnegra and Julian Randol are deceived by a Sonmanto fake-whistleblower into discrediting themselves and giving Sonmanto a facade of innocent victim of false charges.[3]

Sonmanto ordered the terror attack on Fermitas to crash their stock price in order to accomplish a hostile takeover of Fermitas on the cheap.