Simon Barry is the creator and executive producer, along with Sara B. Cooper, of Continuum.


Simon Barry had developed the idea for US networks and before he got the chance to take Continuum out to pitch it, he was hired by CBS to write a different pilot. In the middle of that job, his friend, director Pat Williams, took a meeting at Showcase Network in Canada and called him in a panic because he didn't have anything to pitch. He then gave him the idea for Continuum to pass on to the executives there. They immediately saw the potential and hired Simon to write a pilot script.[1]

Simon is a British born Canadian who divides his time between Los Angeles and Vancouver, BC. He is represented by the Gersh Agency.

Simon Barry is one of Canada’s hottest writers. With a background as a camera assistant and operator, Simon relocated to Los Angeles to give screenwriting his full attention. Since then, he has been working consistently and has provided services for companies such as Warner Brothers, Columbia Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Working Title, Phoenix Pictures, CBS, Spelling, Fox Television, USA Studios/Network, A&E Network and Alliance Atlantis on a variety of projects encompassing all genres.[2]

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