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Section Six is a made-up elite government national counter-terrorism task force invented by Alec Sadler as part of Kiera Cameron's cover.

After Kiera's Portland PD Detective Linda Williams cover is blown, Alec creates Section Six while Inspector Jack Dillon and Betty Robertson are investigating Kiera's identity. Alec makes it look like "Special Agent" Cameron was deep cover and that her cover was "as high as it gets." Alec leaves a trail of breadcrumbs implying Section Six deal with "gangs" like Liber8, giving them a reason to have her nonexistent files sealed, redacted, and confidential enough to be inaccessible to even the Inspector of Vancouver PD, even by the tech and hacking expert Betty. Alec's work was largely foolproof and earned "Special Agent" Cameron a temporary re-assignment to the Vancouver Police Department.[1]

When Liber8 tries to kill Lily Jones, Kiera's grandmother, Kiera tells Carlos that her she was a witness in a case that Section Six was building against Liber8. She also tells him that the case fell apart, Lily recanted and ran. Her identity was kept secret and her files were sealed.[2]

When Carlos Fonnegra later sees Matthew Kellog, he recognizes him as being the man with Liber8 member Curtis Chen during the shootout. Fortunately, Kellog was the only Liber8 member that the Vancouver Police Department has no photos of, so Kellog tells him that he works at Section Six with Kiera.[3]

When CSIS Agent Gardiner hears about it, he investigates the organization's existence and finds nothing else, leading him to assume that Kiera is actually working with Liber8. His supervisor contacts him, however, and tells him that Kiera is vouched for by Mr. Escher.[4]

Gardiner finds it suspicious that the CEO of the Piron corporation vouched for the mysterious organization and is apparently giving orders to their intelligence services, so he continues to look into it.[5] When Kiera is being interviewed by Gardiner and Inspector Nora Harris, Harris states that Section Six is allegedly backed by the US government but is unknown by both the FBI and NSA, and both still believe that Section Six is a fictitious group possibly connected to Liber8.[6]