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Biographical Information
Born: Date or year of birth (Age:No.)
Full name: Complete name (Do not include if already stated above)
Status: Alive/Deceased
Death: Episode of death if deceased
Cause of Death: Cause of death
Residence: Residence
Alias: Alias/Nickname
Occupation: Profession
Organization: Affiliation
Position/Rank: Rank
Physical Description
Gender: Gender
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Significant Others: Lover/s
Children: Children
Parents: Parents
Siblings: Siblings
Relatives: Family members if only few are known
or for relatives
Character Information
Portrayed by: Portrayer
Also portrayed by: Other portrayer/s if there is/are other/s
Appears in: If character only appeared once
First appearance: First episode
Latest appearance: Most recent episode
Appearance Count: Count (as of?)
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Early Life|History

A short history of the character prior to the beginning of the series. Flashbacks shown will also be included here.

In the case that a recurring character has relatively little information, you can either omit the headings entirely or still place them under the "Biography" heading, depending on whether the information that can be supplied is sufficient: Biography if most of the character's life will be covered, and omit the headings if not. Then if information on the character's early life or childhood is sufficient, use "Early Life" as the first subheading, or "History" if information on this part of the character's life is limited.

Season No.

Summary of the major events of the season that focuses on or heavily involves the character.


A brief description of the character's psych.


Abilities. This may be subject to opinion, and facts, of course.

Physical Appearance







Only included if character appears in more than 2 episodes.



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  • Trivial, small and minor facts that may not belong above.
  • Facts stated outside the show by the creator, writers, actors, etc.