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Photo Quantum Device 01
Quantum Device blueprint
Quantum Device design

The time travel device is a spherical object made up of eight parts.


The Quantum Device was developed by Alec Sadler with the help of a SadTech engineer, Ramona Cathers, possibly among others. Alec intended to give it to Liber8 so they can escape on the day of their execution and travel back in time to correct his mistakes.

Days before the execution, Cathers is approached by a Freelancer and was going to expose them. When Protector Kiera Cameron investigated the mysterious death of Cathers, she found out that Cathers was working on a high security project that she suspected was involved with the upcoming Liber8 execution.

On the day of the execution, each member of Liber8 was given a piece of the device in the execution chamber in 2077. Their execution platform strategically placed above a room with the power source, the group was able to assemble it, releasing the charge that sent several other people in close contact with them back in time: Jason and Warren (both of whom were in the room below), Elena, and Kiera.

In 2012, the surviving members of Liber8 attempted to use the device twice in Fast Times to travel to their original goal year of 2071. On the second attempt, one piece of the device was lost and later recovered by the Vancouver Police Department.

In Wasting Time, Kiera Cameron entered the police evidence room and took the recovered piece. Matthew Kellog steals it from her in Time's Up, but Kiera steals it back in Endtimes. In Second Chances, Kiera gives it to Alec Sadler for safekeeping.

As of Second Guess, Kiera has retrieved the rest of the device pieces from Lucas Ingram's hideout and has since given it to Alec. Kiera assembled the device and is currently in Alec's lab.

The device was central to the conflict between Kiera, Alec, Emily and the Freelancers in Second Last. The Freelancers and Kiera were after the device while Emily wanted to get rid of it, seeing it as the source of their troubles. When she tried to get rid of it by throwing it off the roof, Kiera merely went after it and was able to save it.

In Second Time, Kellog hid it to wager with Kiera. He later returned it, wanting to travel back to their time with her. Alec tricked Kiera, leading her to believe that he was sending her back to 2077, into bringing the device to anti-matter power source in Escher's lab, needing it to go to the future with his father. When the charge has activated, Kiera was just about to go for the device when Alec decided to stop her and use it himself, wanting to "save her", most likely referring to Emily.