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1x02 scanning protectors

Protector is one of the ranks of officers of the City Protective Services.

Protectors are chosen for their skill and experience.[1] Nonetheless, they are taught and expected to depend on their tech instead of their "gut" and instinct.

Known Protectors[]

Technological Capabilities[]

All Protectors are required to be outfitted with the CPS standard issue SadTech mark four polymeric nano-composite body armor with integrated electromagnetic offensive and defensive systems. The body CPS suit is copper and is linked to their bio-upgrade CMR chip, or the cellular memory review, a memory pack implanted in their skulls that records telemetry, smell[2], video and audio from the cortex for use in chain of evidence and trials, recordings which they need to upload to a CPS server at the end of the day.

Every protector is also given their own standard service weapon and a standard issue multi-tool.


Cellular Memory Review[]

Standard Issue CPS Suit[]

Standard Issue Multitool[]

The multitool is a handheld device about as large as the gun handle. It can emit a particle spray that can almost instantly make any organic material (including fingerprints and bodies) visible and analyzable to Kiera's cybernetic sensor enhancements, or those of the suit, at least in a volume as large as a mid-sized room. It can also emit frequencies that can open electronic locks, appears to be capable of opening mechanical locks (the method is not clearly shown, the device is just touched to the lock) and has a medical injector that can apply various drugs (truth serum, stimulants, tranquilizers).

Standard Issue Service Weapon[]

The handgun takes the form of only a gun handle when not activated, but projects a barrel, trigger guard, and a holographic function display when activated. It has multiple types of ammunition (normal bullets, explosive bullets, tracking beacons, darts). It appears that the gun never needs reloading so the ammunition is probably somehow generated or manufactured by the gun itself. The gun has user identification so that it will emit a lethal charge to the user if he/she is unauthorized.


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