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PIRON is the corporation run by Alec Sadler and formerly Mr. Escher. Escher helped them get a seat at the congress. By 2077, Piron is among the top 20 corporations.


Piron as it appears in the future

Piron is first mentioned in a flashback to Kiera's time as a protector in 2077 in "Time's Up". During one of their operations, rioters stole food provisions which were supposed to be distributed to them in the first place. Apparently, Piron had been stockpiling and hoarding the food supplies to drive up prices, visibly shaking Kiera's confidence in the system of corporate governance. A building with a Piron logo is also seen in the pilot, as well as the first season title sequence.

As of 2013, Piron has been established in Vancouver by Escher and has LaRoche Energy as a subsidiary.