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Neelon fight 2
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Occupation: Mercenary
Position/Rank: Assassin
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: black
Character Information
Portrayed by: Curtis Caravaggio
First appearance: "So Do Our Minutes Hasten]"
Latest appearance: "Minute of Silence"
"Clock's ticking Jasmine. You gonna make your move? "
—Neelon to Jasmine Garza


Neelon was an assassin that tried to blame Liber8 for attack on the Fermitas board meeting. Using poison gas he killed the entire board. He later tried to kill the hacker Elton Bibby as the police tried to arrest him.

After this he gets attacked by Garza. Using a baton he tries to fight her but takes a beating and gets pinned against the car. He manages to reverse her and restrains her with a tight chokehold. However he gets distracted and Garza beat him up, and escapes as the cops arrive. He then goes to the police station to report about this attack. Kiera questions him as she is suspicious about his background as a military operator. Talking to Kiera about the attack he secretly plants a bug on her computer. Using the information from the bug he manages to trace Betty. As she leaves the bar he shoots and kills her and then quickly leaves the scene. 


Neelon is quite ruthless as he killed an entire board room of people. During his missions he displays a coldblooded demeanor and mental agility. During his fight against Garza he used elbow strikes to the groin and head and a baton to keep up with her. Taunting her when he had her in a chokehold he seemed to underestimate her and took a beating.

Neelon is able to quickly use the slightest of opportunities. As he was pinned down he screamed for help and then quickly reversed the situation. Even after he lost he used the attack to plant a tracker at the police station when he reported the incident. 




Hand to hand combat: Neelon is skilled in close combat. He was able to defend himself for a while against Garza. He was even able to nearly beat her as he stunned her with a elbow and got her in a chokehold but got distracted by the cops after which he got defeated.