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Melissa LaRoche
Biographical Information
Full name: Melissa Dobeck-LaRoche
Occupation: Scientist
Organization: LaRoche Energy
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Significant Others: Drew LaRoche (fiancee; husband in the future)
Shane Mathers (sexual affair)
Character Information
Portrayed by: Mayko Nguyen
Appears in: "Matter of Time"
Appearance Count: 1

Melissa LaRoche is a scientist that solved the global energy crisis with her development of clean fusion, research developed by her and her former partner, Professor Ames.

In 2012, Melissa Dobeck murdered her former partner, Professor Ames, to stop him from selling their research to the military, saying that the research can be dangerous if taken by the wrong people and could be used for developing weaponry. In order to gain access to a backup of his research files, Dobeck slept with Ames' assistant, Shane Mathers; an affair which she tried to hide because of her engagement to Drew LaRoche.

When Kiera found out that she will someday become the Melissa LaRoche, the head of LaRoche Energy that will someday partner with SadTech and use this research for renewable energy, and someday also link thousands of redundant mini fusion reactors in a network to get rid of centralized reactors, Kiera let her go and leave with her fiancee.

LaRoche Energy is mentioned by Alec in Second Last to be working on developing an anti-matter power generation. According to Kiera, it will not be viable until the 2040s, which may just change since Escher had just bought the company.