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Photo Maddie 01
Biographical Information
Death: A Test of Time
Cause of Death: Shot by Travis Verta
Residence: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark
Relatives: Matthew Kellog (Grandson)
Laura Kellog (Granddaughter)
Character Information
Portrayed by: Olivia Ryan-Stern
First appearance: Fast Times
Latest appearance: A Test of Time
Appearance Count: 3

Maddie is the grandmother of Matthew Kellog who is still young in 2012. She encounters Kellog on several occasions, not knowing that he is actually her future grandson.


Meeting her grandson[]

Maddie is a young woman during the year 2012. She is visited by Matthew Kellog, her grandson, who has time-traveled from the year 2077. Kellog finds her house and, when questioned by Maddie, reveals to her that his family once lived in that house. Unaware that he is her future grandson, Maddie simply replies that her family lives there now.[1]

Kellog returns to Maddie later on, paying off the mortgage on her home and buying her expensive clothing. Maddie is initially suspicious of Kellog, assuming that he may be trying to make a play at her, but Kellog puts her suspicion to rest, telling her that he was merely grateful to her father and wanted to pay back.[2]

Tension between Liber8, Kiera, and Kellog reach a boiling point. The warring factions begin targeting relatives of their enemies, hoping to test the fragility of their lives. Both factions hope that if a relative is killed, thus preventing their procreation in the future, their descendants would then cease to exist in the present, erased from the timeline. Maddie is abducted by Kagame. Kellog rescues her, but is unable to prevent her from being shot by Travis. As Liber8 escapes, Maddie bleeds out, surrounded by Kellog and Kiera. Kellog, however, continued to exist and was not erased from the timeline, contrary to their beliefs.

Maddie's death did little to clear up the mysteries regarding the nature of time travel. Her death indicates that either the future is mutable, meaning Kellog will not be born in the new future, with his continued presence suggesting a branching timeline, or if he was merely not affected because there is no paradox. It is also questioned if Maddie was even Kellog's biological grandmother.[3]

Supposed future[]

If Maddie had not died and was in fact Kellog's grandmother, Maddie would have went on to have children of her own, who in turn would have given her grandchildren. She would grow to an old age and would meet and often take care of the young Kellog.


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