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This article is about Kiera's grandmother. You may be looking for the girl killed by Travis Verta or Lillian.
Photo Lily 01
Lily Jones
Biographical Information
Status: Alive (2012)

Deceased (2077)

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Significant Others: Jake (boyfriend)
Parents: Alison (mother)
Jim (father)
Relatives: Kiera Cameron (granddaughter)
Hannah (granddaughter)†
Sam Cameron (great grandson)
Character Information
Portrayed by: Katie Findlay
Appears in: "A Test of Time"

Lily Jones is the grandmother of Kiera Cameron.

Kiera looks for her when she finds out that Liber8 is looking to kill her grandmother, hoping to stop Kiera from existing. After killing the wrong one, unable to tell them that Liber8 is hunting for a Lily Jones because she is Kiera's grandmother, Kiera tells VPD that her Lily, one with a butterfly tattoo on her wrist, was a witness for Section Six in a case against Liber8 who recanted her statement and ran in fear of Liber8.

According to her government records, Lily Jones was born on 12-08-92, is 168 cm tall, and her last known address is 3270 West Blenheim Street.

In the future, Kiera had researched her grandmother after hearing great things about her from her own mother, so she has so much expectations and is frankly excited to meet her. However, when she meets the real Lily Jones after spending some time with a decent one, she is very disappointed to see that her grandmother is a goth with seemingly no care in the world.

Kiera later finds out through her HUD that Lily is pregnant. Unaware if this is true, Lily later buys pregnancy test kits and decides on getting an abortion when she confirms it, saying she isn't ready to care for a child and that her boyfriend, Jake, wouldn't care. Kiera talks her out of it.

When Liber8 demands to get Lily in exchange for Kellog's grandmother, Maddie, they trick them by bringing Kagame's pregnant mother, instead. The plan fails, however, when Travis shoots Maddie after the exchange, but succeeded to keep Lily safe. Shocked and frightened by the murder she had just witnessed, she breaks down and is comforted by Kiera.

1x05 bbye

Kiera later asks Matthew to sail Lily and her boyfriend, Jake, away to safety on his yacht. They bid farewell and Lily seems to have really warmed up to her future granddaughter.

Kiera later sadly explains to Alec that she never got to know her grandmother Lily very well, because she died when Kiera was very young from a congenital heart condition.  Because the condition was inherent and incurable, she saw no reason to tell Lily, because nothing could be done to save her.