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This article is about Lillian, the first Lily Kiera found. You may be looking for the girl killed by Travis Verta or Kiera's grandmother.
Photo Lillian 01
Lillian Jones
Biographical Information
Occupation: Student
Retail Clark
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Parents: Kevin and Eve
Character Information
Portrayed by: Leanne Lapp
Appears in: "A Test of Time"
Appearance Count: 1

Lillian Jones is a young girl in 2012 who studies at Pacific Coastal University. While Liber8 was looking for Kiera Cameron's grandmother, Lily Jones, Keira decided to look for every Lily Jones she can and protect them. Keira then mistook Lillian as her grandmother, even wanting her to be because of her nice demeanor. Kiera only realized that she wasn't when Lilian says her parents are Kevin and Eve, not Jim and Alison like Keira's great-grandparents. This is later proven when Kiera finally sees the real Lily Jones, the one with a butterfly necklace and a similar tattoo on her wrist.

Lillian stays with Kiera and Lily in her cruiser as she drives them to the station. Lillian tries to strike up conversation with the unfriendly Lily. She is later injured when Jasmine Garza crashes her truck against their Keira's cruiser, and Lily supports and covers her. She is later seen at the station with her mom and other Lilys.