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Laura Kellog
Biographical Information
Status: Deceased (Possibly erased from existence)
Cause of Death: Explosion
Occupation: Rebel
Organization: Liber8
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark
Siblings: Matthew Kellog (brother)
Relatives: Maddie (grandmother)
Character Information
Portrayed by: Nikohl Boosheri
Appears in: Family Time (flashback)

Laura Kellog is the sister of Matthew Kellog.

Long before her brother became a member, Laura had become a strong supporter of Liber8 and their cause.

He was surprised to learn she was still working with Liber8 when, in 2077, she steals a detonator for Liber8 and Edouard Kagame. The theft goes wrong and the authorities close in on her and her brother, who had no idea she had stolen the detonator. The helicopter that the protectors, along with Kiera Cameron, are riding in launches a missile at the area Laura and Matthew are hiding, causing rubble to fall on top of them, mortally wounding Laura. She begs Matthew to finish her mission and run with the detonators, but he refuses and stays with her as she dies. Kiera allows him time to stay with her until she passes. Matthew is then arrested and sent to prison as a Liber8 member.

She may have been erased from existence when Maddie was killed if she was her grandmother.