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Henrietta Sherman is, or was, the CEO of Exotrol who becomes the unfortunate first victim of Liber8 justice in 2012.

During a riot initiated by Liber8's supporters, Travis Verta successfully kidnaps Henrietta and puts up a ransom of $20 million, under orders from Frank Bolo and masterminded Terence Chou. Terence had wanted to take control of Exotrol by exposing Sherman's dirty dealings and insider trading, not knowing that Liber8 would kill people along the way.

During her captivity, Henrietta was threatened and tied up into recording video messages to be broadcast to the public. In the end, they strap a fake bomb to her chest to let her confess to stealing from their employees and the public. She eventually did, and when confetti exploded in her face after the timer ran out, she broke down in terror. She is later seen in the police station in handcuffs alongside Terence Chou.