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Freelancer message

"Your brothers await you in the next life. Do not seek them, they will find you. Trust in that." - A message to Curtis Chen while in prison, days before their execution. This also looks quite similar to their small tattoos.

Freelancers or privateers are time travelers who travel back in time at their own discretion. Described as a sect of some kind of believers, the Freelancers claim a dogmatic responsibility to intervene in the business of time travel, believing that they must fix and stop the "glitches" in the continuum.

Freelancers have a series of small dots tattooed between their fingers.

The Freelancers have no formal identity. During their time in the 21st century, they reused the paperwork of dead infants as their false identities, their wills probated by the legal firm Fisker and Associates.

It also seems that the Freelancers are gathering time travelers, dead and alive, and have been reviving their fellow Freelancers. According to Escher, people like them are seen as a liability because they understand what is at stake and that they are also after power and control.

As of "Second Time ", they have all of the known time-travelers in custody and locked them up in containment pods, namely Kiera Cameron, Jason Sadler, and the remaining Liber8 members Sonya Valentine, Jasmine Garza, and Matthew Kellog. Curtis Chen has been revived and is now one of the Freelancers. Stefan Jaworski and Travis Verta, both killed, seem to be in the process of being brought back to life, while the retrieval of Lucas Ingram was being arranged.

Known Freelancers[]