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Drew LaRoche is the husband of Melissa Dobeck-LaRoche with whom he was engaged to by 2012. Seeing him made Kiera Cameron realize that Melissa was meant to be Melissa LaRoche, a renown scientist in the future.


Drew is only seen briefly at the end of "Matter of Time".

His fiancé, Melissa, was one of the suspects in Kiera's murder case, the victim being Melissa's rival, Professor Ames. Kiera discovered that Melissa slept with Professor Ames' assistant Shane Mathers to gain access to the files of his boss For clean nuclear fusion.

On the run, Melissa was about to get on a plane with Drew when Kiera found her. Thinking she was going to expose her, Melissa gave her the drive of the research she had stolen and was just about ready to confess to Drew when Kiera, knowing what role she would play for the future, returned the technology to her and let her get away with Drew.