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Continuum: The War Files is an eight part graphic novel, featuring stories written by Continuum creator Simon Barry and star Rachel Nichols, that tells the story of Kiera Cameron during the war between the Global Corporate Congress and the Liber8 rebels, setting the precedent for the actual television series that follows.


Set in 2065, the eight stories shed light on Kiera's experience as a soldier in the Global Corporate Congress (GCC) army and the struggles she went through. The war she's a part of started as isolated public gatherings by the disenfranchised lower class but quickly spread across the nation. Protests turned violent as many like-minded groups, spanning all classes, joined the cause.

They were fighting for freedom from a corporate oppression that turned citizens into financial tools and undermined basic individual rights. As unrest spread through society, the GCC struggled to control the uprising, no longer able to recognize the face of their enemy.

Fed up with authoritarian rule by for profit corporations, the rebels organized, branding themselves Liber8. They began launching strategic violent assaults against anything and anyone that stood in their way. Liber8's goal was to burn down the establishment and make way for a new style of anarchistic rule, the likes of which had never been seen before in the western world.



Kiera and Elena get their first taste of battle and experience the realities of warfare. A close encounter quickly teaches Kiera that she can't survive alone.


A routine security details turns ugly. Kiera wrestles with the complexity of war and Elena learns how to conquer her fears and what it really means to have each other's back in the line of fire.


Kiera loses a friend in the line of fire and struggles with the emotional baggage of living amongst such danger where life hangs in the balance of every tiny decision.


Kiera's unit launches an offensive on a rebel hideout only to find that their intel wasn't totally accurate. Kiera tries to find reason and conviction in the face of such uncertainty.


Kiera and some of her unit are taken hostage. Surprised by the identity of their captor, the situation quickly turns bloody when they don't give up the intel.


Kiera is pinned down in a trench by a massive artillery strike with an unwanted companion, a defected soldier now fighting for the revolution.


The Corporate Military takes a massive hit when the revolution strikes using a secret tactic. The balance of power in the war teeters on a perilous edge.


Kiera and her unit are central in the execution of the Corporate Military's new assault that delivers a deathblow to the rebels' military assault and forces them to adopt new underground tactics.