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Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Residence: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Occupation: Waitress
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Significant Others: Alec Sadler (First Timeline Future)
Children: Jason Sadler (Son) (First Timeline Future)
Relatives: Alec Sadler (husband)(first timeline)
Character Information
Portrayed by: Tess Atkins
Season/s: 4
First appearance: Zero Hour
Latest appearance: Zero Hour
Appearance Count: 1

Annie is Jason's mother and Alec's wife from Keira's timeline. Commits suicide after running away from Alec with Jason. She works in a coffee shop in the "present day" timeline.



According to Jason, Alec met Annie in his 30's. Jason only knew her from pictures and video because she became ill and when he was young, she had died. When Alec meets his future self, he learns that Annie ran away with Jason because she saw Future Alec for what he had become. She later committed suicide.

Season 4[]

In Zero Hour, after Alec Sadler finds out that Annie is the woman he married in the first timeline and the mother of his son, Jason, he convinces Jason to find her and the two of them go to her workplace, Cafe Nuba on East 3rd Street in Vancouver. At first, they watch her from across the street, but Alec decides to go into the cafe followed by a reluctant Jason. Annie waits on them but Jason becomes agitated and leaves when she mentions that the apple pie is as good as her mom's. Alec stays and orders some pie. Later, when Alec is by himself, he is holding Annie's phone number written on a his receipt.


Annie is shown to be a friendly and sweet woman.