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Vancouver District, North American Union
November 5, 2076

Edouard Kagame is preparing to record and broadcast a live feed of his speech.

Kagame: Twenty years ago, when the corporations bailed out our failed governments, they sold it to us as salvation. Now, we see that we have paid for that rescue with our freedoms. We have awakened to the truth. We have become slaves to the Corporate Congress. Today, all that changes. Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that we have passed the torch to a new generation unwilling to permit the undoing of human rights and dignities. And let every corporation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty.

The door to his room blows up, and several City Protective Services Officers barge in.

Protector 1: Go! Hands where I can see them!
Protector 2: Stay where you are!
CPS Sergeant: I got this, Kiera. Edouard Kagame, you're under arrest. Under section 76 of the Union Code, you are charged with being the leader of the terrorist group, Liber8, and conspiring to plot against the Corporate Congress.
Kagame: (passes Kiera) You're too late.

Building across from them explodes, as if on cue. Kagame and Kiera glare at each other.
Six months later... At a small gathering at the Camerons' home.

Greg: Liber8 murdered 30,000 people to kill 20. Of course they deserve to be executed.
Sergei: Separate their methods from their message, just for a second.
Oscar: (laughs) That will never happen.
Greg: Forget it.
Sergei: Right, because they went too far.
Oscar's Date: So you do agree with them?
Sergei: No... I understand them.
Kiera: You understand bombing the Corporate Congress and killing people?
Sergei: I understand wanting to return to democracy again versus a corporate dictatorship.
Oscar: Come on, the government lost their relevance after they went belly up.
Sergei: Oh, what, so we'd be dead, or in the street, if it wasn't for the corporate bailout?
Greg: And you wouldn't have that ivory tower to teach out of.
Sergei: We've given up representation, free speech, assembly.
Kiera: Seems like you're still free to speak your mind.

Beeping alerts sound across the room. Oscar and Greg take out handheld holographic devices, and Kiera and Elena touch possibly switches of sorts by their ear. A screen appears on the wall, flashing Liber8's symbol.

Greg: Alerts on corporate..
Kiera: CPS webs as well. Something's up.

They all stand up and step outside to watch, and they see that Liber8 symbols are being shown in almost all of the screens in the city.

Sergie: A call to arms... on the eve of the executions.
Greg: They're just trying to intimidate us.
Kiera: Won't work. After tomorrow, they'll all just be dead. We can move on with our lives.